QR Pharma

By investing in sophisticated technology and a team of highly qualified staff, Qatar Airways Cargo enables healthcare companies and their logistic partners to ship temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals all over the world while maintaining the integrity and quality of their products throughout the supply chain

Active Solution

Temperature controlled containers
Choice of Envirotainer, CSafe
DoKaSch and Va-Q-Tec units

Passive Solution

2 temperature ranges
COL (+2 degrees celsius to +8 degrees celsius)
CRT (+15 degrees celsius to +25 degrees celsius)

  • 73 approved pharma stations on the Qatar Airways network
  • Active and Passive solutions
  • GDP compliant hub at Hamad International Airport
  • Late cut off times
  • High loading and handling priority
  • Quick Ramp Transfer (QRT) at the hub
  • Temperature controlled vehicles at the hub eliminate temperature exposure
  • Dedicated Climate Control Team